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Neverwinter Nights 2

The Neverwinter Nights 2 Acherusis Server is up and running in its Beta phase!

The setting is the tropical fortress of Cangrejo, in a Laurencian-controlled corner of the Dragons’ Sea. The players are mercenaries, thrill-seekers or exiles that brave the perils of the region – Cannibals, wild beasts, and pirates, killing each other in a lawless world built atop the ruins of a civilization.

Scheduling and playing times on the official Acherusis Facebook page.

Cold steel and searing spell be your guardians.



A new page is up, that will serve as the alphabetical index for all monsters posted.

You can find the bestiary on the top right of the blog, as with other pages.

World Map

The first version of the setting’s world map.


The SETTING page has been updated to include the full map.


The Characters page now includes information on Ezekiel, the Valeskan mutant.

Setting & Characters

The Setting and Characters pages are up. For now, only Vadal the rogue is featuring; Ezekiel coming next.